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3-CL-PCP is a potent dissociative research chemical that belongs to the arylcyclohexylamine class. It is structurally similar to PCP and is often used in research to study the effects of dissociatives on the brain and behavior. 3-CL-PCP is a popular research chemical due to its unique properties, potent effects, and ease of use.

At Xpress Chems, we offer high-quality 3-CL-PCP Crystal, a highly pure form of 3-CL-PCP with a purity typically at or above 98%. Our 3-CL-PCP Crystal is ideal for researchers who prefer to work with crystal forms of research chemicals. It is easy to handle and dose accurately, making it ideal for a range of research applications.

When handling 3-CL-PCP Crystal, it is crucial to follow safe laboratory practices and use proper protective equipment. This compound should only be used by experienced researchers who are familiar with its properties and effects.

In summary, Xpress Chems offers high-quality 3-CL-PCP Crystal for your research needs. Our product is thoroughly tested for purity and quality, ensuring that you receive only the highest-quality research chemicals for your experiments. Order now and experience the exceptional quality of Xpress Chems‘ 3-CL-PCP Crystal. Keywords: 3-CL-PCP, dissociative, research chemical, arylcyclohexylamine, crystal, purity.

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3-CL-PCP Crystal for sale 3-CL-PCP Crystal is a potent dissociative research chemical belonging to the arylcyclohexylamine class. Its IUPAC name is 1-(3-chlorophenyl)-4-(1-piperidinyl)-cyclohexanecarbonitrile, and its CAS number is 138810-62-6. In crystal form, it appears as a white or off-white crystalline solid with a purity of 98% or higher. Researchers value 3-CL-PCP Crystal for its unique properties and potent effects on the brain and behavior.